Lyx - Part 1 details the software that you will need to download (and correct order) and Part 2 then shows you how to really get going with it to make a great paper.

NOTE: here is the link to Lyx download. NEW - the 'Bundle" install now loads MikTex and Lyx together and works fine (I tried it). So, all you have to do is that one. Please not though that sometimes the install is not 'trivial' so you should be familiar with installing programs that can be a bit messy.

Link to Lyx download 'choose the Bundle' if you do not have MikTex

This 1st video explains the files that you will need to download and the
order of downloads which is important.

This 2nd video is once you have Lyx up and running - it gets you writing
your scientific paper in a hurry - equations, numbering, notes, importing
images and lots more.

Free Symbolic Algebra Software, Maxima


To Download Maxima

My Maxima Tutorial (8.pdf)

The Maxima file to go with my tutorial