These are standard readings for working with me and BSU optics

TO begin, beam alignment is always crucial.

The better your alignment is, and technique, the easier and less frustrating each step becomes.
The most basic procedure for proper alignment of a beam at a given height and along a straight line is an iterative process that uses two mirrors to align the
beam simultaneously at 2 different point locations (called walking the beam). 2 Points define a line so if you achieve this, your laser beam is in line you define.

Read the 1st paper (Understanding Beam Walk - an undergrad research project) and then watch the entire video on beam adjustment. The video actually aligns the laser beam into a fiber (coupling to a fiber)
but uses the same techniques and ideas. Further, the video shows great practices in general so is a must see.

Must see video of beam adjustment (same link as youtube above): here coupling light into a fiber, but procedure and techniques are very general

Linear Polarizes, Quarter and Half Wave Plate tutorials:
quarter.JPG half-wave.JPG

Oklahoma State L.A.S.E.R. C.U.L.T. optics program similar to BSUs; great resource

Optics TIPS - a must read - for example tips below (alignment, walking, cleaning)!

In Particular; using 2 mirrors to align BEAM!

Optics Tutorials - tons of great links!


Prof. Mark Masters at IPFW intro labs and discussion

Make sure to go to the *.htm file for text of each topic