Please consider the following as a guide from 1st year to graduation and beyond.

Academic Calendar BSU Academic Calendar and link to all important forms that you may need Forms

* Student Code of Conduct:**

BSU Student Code of Conduct

* Office of Affirmative Action and Title IX

BSU Affirmative Action and Title IX



1. Know the Physics Degree Requirements

2. Transfers & 2nd Degrees: Must see - Transfer Central (ie need BSU account, intranet)

3. Math Placement & BSU Testing resources

BSU Testing Services

BSU Placement Testing

4. Consider Math double major or minor (might also want to think about CS)

5. Are you considering being a Teacher after graduating - how about $10k/year Scholarship?

6. Consider Honors? Honors students in all majors except psychology will need to complete at least one honors contract at some point in their undergraduate career. An honors contract is the mechanism by which an honors student earns honors credit for a 300 or 400 level course in their major. The process for completing a contract is as follows: 1) The student chooses a 300 or 400 level course for which they would like to receive honors credit. 2) The student and the course instructor develop a plan for intensifying the academic experience in the course. Most typically this involves completing an additional research paper, but it could be an additional studio project or additional research with a public presentation, etc. Please note that if the contract is for an additional paper, the paper needs to be at least 5 pages in length and include at least 3 external references/sources. 3) The student and instructor complete a proposal that specifies the topic to be investigated, the mode of inquiry, and the basis of evaluation. The proposal is attached the Honors Contract Form (available online and in the Honors Center). 4) The honors contract is signed by the student, the instructor, and the Honors Chairperson for the student’s major. 5) The student brings the signed contract to the Honors Program. 6) Honors contracts are reviewed by the Honors Advisory Board to ensure they meet the minimum requirements. 7) Students are notified of approval of the contract. 8) In order for a student to earn honors credits the honors contract work must be completed in a satisfactory manner and the student must earn a B or better in the course. 9) At the end of the term the instructor will complete a brief Honors Contract Report so that the Honors Program can determine whether honors credit should be awarded. 10) Upon receipt of the Honors Credit Report instructors earn .25 credits for each contract completed under their tutelage.

7. Do Research!!! (see link on left: BSU Student Research Resources)

8. Internships: BSU Internship Program

9. Understand The BSU CORE degree requirements

10. Create and EXCEL file, take control of and plan for your 4 years

11. Degree Audits using InfoBear often.

Do a Degree Audit from InfoBear

12. ACADEMIC POLICIES - crucial to getting your degree plans right and in order

ACADEMIC POLICIES - be familiar of entire document and requirements - including applying to graduate

13. BSU Health, Wellness & Safety!

  • RAVE Guardian

  • DECEMBER 9, 2015Another layer of campus security – personalized mobile safety – has been added at Bridgewater State University as students, faculty and staff can download a tailored Rave Guardian application called “BSU Guardian” on their Android or iPhone. As part of the ongoing commitment to enhance campus safety, the purchase of BSU Guardian augments 50 blue light telephones that are strategically stationed across the 235-acre campus with its unique GPS monitoring application – giving subscribers “their own personal blue light,” said President Frederick W. Clark Jr. The Bridgewater State University Police Department has also been fitted with a dedicated monitoring station for the Rave Guardian system including its required websites to determine the location of an individual who is making a panic button call via the app by using Google Maps and GPS. Police will dispatch a sector car to the last known location according to the GPS location and destination address. Simultaneously, police will attempt to contact the person via the app based on information provided in a safety profile established by the user. Police will continue to use all avenues to attempt to locate the individual. “A primary commitment at Bridgewater State University is the safety of our campus community and we encourage all of our students to download the Rave Guardian app to network with friends and family,” said President Clark. “We want to increase the overall security of our entire student body as well as our faculty and staff.”

14. Registration NEWS: For current course listings, upcoming graduation info, upcoming registration info:

15. **BSU Registration Page**

If you are enrolled, this link will direct you to: Registration information for currently enrolled students is available through the Bridgewater State University Student Portal by accessing

In not enrolled, follow the information on the BSU Registration page for directions.

You will need:
  1. Here you will have to chose the semester (spring, summer, or fall plus year) you would like to register for.
  2. Once you select the semester you will then be directed to registration material for 'Degree Seeking grad/undergrad' or 'Nondegree Seeking Grad/undergrad' Options.

Registrar’s Office
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Bridgewater State University
131 Summer Street
Bridgewater, MA 02325
Tel: 508.531.1231
Fax: 508.531.6101

16. Start building your CV (curriculum vitae, academic resume) your very 1st year of school!

Create your CV NOW Purdue's online writing lab

17. Consider research and working with faculty to enhance your CV and for great letters of recommendation

18. Graduate School:

Start Studying NOW! Do a problem or two everyday for an entire year (summer) ... go to my Physics GRE Resources