BSU Machine Shop Coordinators

Ed Deveney

Rob Hellstrom

Jim Munise

Everyone must start by watching
the MIT EHS Machine Shop
Safety video to the right

Equipment Operating Manuals for BSU specific Equipment and MIT videos as Introductions to each piece of equipment:

BSU Lathe

MIT Video on Lathe operation and safety procedures (see videos 8, 9 and 10)
BSU Table Saw

BSU Mill Press

MIT Video on Mill operation and safety procedures (see videos 4 thru 7)
BSU Band Saw

MIT Video on Band saw operation and safety procedures (Video #1)

General Guidelines to Levels I and II Machine Shop Accessibility.

LEVEL I ACCESS: Working While Under Supervision of Coordinator

Before any work in the machine shop, students/faculty/administrators planning to work in the machine must complete the 4 safety educations steps given below for Level I access. Once completed, you are allowed to work in the machine shop however only while one of the shop administrators is actively in the shop at the same time.

1. BSU Shop Orientation (shop tour with one of the BSU shop coordinators identifying all tools and locations of materials - this also includes basic introductions to equipment (sanders, buffers and so on) and shop procedures including clean up): (THIS REQUIRES THAT YOU VIEW Machine Shop Videos 1-3 from the MIT video library - click here).

2. Electrical Safety - required (Includes completing electrical safety training on this web site... see tabs at left)

3. Shop Safety Videos - required (MIT EHS safety video at the top and the Machine Shop videos 1 link at bottom - Video #1 is REQUIRED - click here for Video #1)

4. Shop Safety - Test - required

LEVEL II ACCESS: Working on Your Own Time.

In order to work without the coordinators at some point (though the 'buddy' rule is always in effect - no one ever works in any BSU lab or shop alone - never) you will have to document a 20 hour training period under the supervision of the coordinators; this simply means logging 20 hours of your working time that you have done with Level I Access.
The following spread sheet can be used to document the time intervals and also identify the machines that you used. After completing the 20 hours, a shop coordinator must sign your log sheet and enter in the shop data base. The final requirement to work on your own is that a coordinator must be made aware of your plans to spend time in the shop and a coordinator must be in the science building and notified at the start and completion of your work.

VIDEO #1 IS REQUIRED click here - the others can be referenced as needed (for example there are videos specific to each tool you may want to use - go to these videos 1st to get a feel for operating and safety procedures).